Cajun Spice Recipes


From sweet cornbread and honey butter to red beans and rice paired with spicy Andouille sausage, the classic flavors of the deep South await this week, blending beautifully with fresh, Pacific Northwest produce including Daikon radish, leek and carrot. The boldly-assertive menu also features a robust Spanish red wine, nutty whole grain loaf and hearty Collard greens to serve alongside these Cajun favorites.

Here are a few recipe ideas for the week:

Classic Red Beans & Rice
Slow-simmered with chicken stock, herbs and spices, these luscious red beans get an extra-flavorful kick from Andouille sausage.

Pickled Radishes with Black Peppercorn
These crisp, zingy radish pickles are great for snacking!

Sautéed Collard Greens with Garlic
Quick sautéing these greens with garlic balances out the vegetable’s inherent bitterness.

Buttery Braised Leeks
Accented with just a squeeze of lemon, these sublime leeks are a worthy side dish to this week’s red beans and rice.

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