How-To: Make Raclette

Let everyone assemble their own platter of provisions to top with melty raclette cheese!

Boiled, braised or roasted potatoes
Speck, sliced
Pickled onions
Raclette cheese

Boska Holland Mini Raclette Partyclette

1. First assemble all your prep ingredients and lay them out on the table, allowing everyone to pick their favorite options. (We recommend a little of everything included in this week’s kit!)

2. Light the tea candles that come with the Partyclette, place in the base and set it on the table, letting the flames start to heat up the pan surface. When warm, place a healthy slice or two of raclette cheese in the Partyclette.

3. Once melted, use the spatula to carefully lift out a serving of cheese and then place it atop your plate of provisions. Enjoy right away and keep on heating up cheese to add to more plates!

A Taste of France Recipes

Done well, the beginning of a meal is often more memorable than the finish, a delightful first taste that whets the appetite and hints at greater things to come. This week, we are celebrating the art of the appetizer with a bountiful spread inspired by the French countryside: Savory country-style pâté, crunchy cornichon pickles and herbed fromage blanc from Cherry Valley Dairy, plus our own apricot mostarda. Paired with an artisan baguette and an incredible array of summer produce—from heirloom tomatoes and baby artichokes to blueberries and Imperial Epineuse plums—this beautiful first course is satisfying enough to last all evening long!

Here are a few recipe ideas for the week:

Charred Scallion Gremolata
This smoky sauce is wonderful slathered on grilled bread.

Oven-Roasted Heirloom Tomatoes
Slow-roasting these beautiful tomatoes concentrates their unique flavor—try these alongside this week’s array of appetizers!

Braised Baby Artichokes
Simmered with white wine and chicken stock, these tender artichokes are melt-in-your-mouth tender.

Grilled Turnips with Mint & Lime
The bright combination of mint and lime adds summery appeal to these tender-crisp grilled turnips.

Lemon-Tarragon Aioli
This bright aioli is fantastic served with grilled summer veggies!

Polenta Cake with Plums
This luscious cake is kissed with juicy European plums and citrus peel.

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