Risotto Night Recipes

Much like the autumn leaves bursting into brilliant shades of orange, scarlet and yellow, our gardens continue to grace us with colorful produce, from Acorn squash and broccolini to crisp-tart apples and spicy, peppery greens. Celebrate this beautiful bounty with a rich, warm risotto made with both our housemade duxelles and fall Cremini mushrooms, plus Pain au Levain bread and all the ingredients for a blue cheese and candied pecan spinach salad to serve alongside.

Here are a few recipes ideas for the week:

Mushroom Risotto
Made with Cremini mushrooms and duxelles, this creamy and delicious recipe is a favorite here at the farm on cool evening.

Spinach Salad with Apples, Blue Cheese & Candied Pecans
This beautiful salad is light and fresh, a perfect pairing for fall’s heartier pastas, risottos and soups.

Broccolini with Vin Cotto
Coated in a balsamic vinegar glaze, this garlic-flecked broccolini makes for a warm, homey side dish.

Mustard-Roasted Cauliflower
Try making this elegant side dish with your favorite wholegrain mustard.

Summer in Fall Recipes


Though the calendar may say fall, the recent warm and sunny weather has the gardens still thinking it’s summer as they continue to produce favorites like cherry tomatoes, eggplant and cucumbers as well as fall apples, hearty greens and more. Break out the grill for one last cookout this week with a lineup starring our house-blend dry rub to season up grill-friendly fare, plus all the ingredients for eggplant caponata and a mixed vegetable frittata to serve alongside. Uncork a bottle of French red wine, slice up some Pomodoro bread and toast to the last of summer.

Here are some recipe ideas for the week:

Eggplant Caponata
This traditional Tuscan relish is lovely on toasted Pomodoro bread.

Grilled Radicchio with Olive Oil & Sea Salt
These radicchio wedges are wonderful served alongside a grilled entrée.

Piracicaba Sprouting Broccoli Salad
This room temperature salad from The Barefoot Contessa has just the right amount of crunch!

Celery & Cucumber Salad with Herbs
This side salad from Martha Stewart is incredibly crisp and refreshing.

Fall Fixins’ Recipes


With cool, crisp weather, football in full swing and vibrant leaves starting to dot the ground, all signs point to the official start of fall this week. Celebrate this beautiful season with a halftime-ready feast starring our housemade chili con carne crafted with fresh garlic and roasted peppers, plus fritter mix to combine with sweet corn and fry up as a stunning side. Also included this week: Imported Irish cheddar cheese, Alder-smoked tomato honey and a bevy of produce that includes cherry tomatoes, golden and Chioggia beets and Savoy cabbage.

Here are a few recipe ideas for the week:

Roasted Corn Fritters

This savory-sweet fritters are wonderful served with this week’s Alder-smoked tomato honey.

Beet, Cheddar & Apple Tarts

Thinly-sliced beets add beautiful color to these appetizer-sized tarts from Martha Stewart.

Cherry Tomato-Beet Salad
Topped with a mustard-balsamic dressing, this cherry tomato and roasted beet salad is incredibly flavorful.

Cabbage Salad with Apples & Walnuts

With crisp apples and toasted walnuts, this salad from the Chez Panisse Fruit cookbook is a lively and refreshing first course.

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