Cheese Please

During the quiet, gray afternoons of winter, another area of the farm bustles with life: the farmstead creamery. Tucked in its own charming little building next to the stone barn and replete with two 26-gallon Van Riet cheese vats, commercial equipment and a cheese cave, our beloved fromagerie is a quiet and tranquil spot to experiment with new cheesemaking recipes and techniques.

We make a wide variety of fresh and aged cheeses in-house—from the hand-dipped ricotta cheeses crafted from leftover whey to the rich and creamy Tomme, Vecchio and Grana styles that are brined and aged in the cave. Other fromagerie-made favorites also include fresh chevre crafted from goat’s milk, fromage blanc and silky crème fraîche. This year we have been busy developing several new cheeses as well, working with new recipes and techniques to expand on the skills originally gleaned during our training at the Vermont Institute of Artisan Cheese and with cheesemakers Enrique Canut, Marc Druart, Peter Dixon and Gianaclis Caldwell.

We look forward to sharing delicious new cheeses, plus tried-and-true favorites from both our creamery and other local fromageries, in your weekly boxes all year long!

Spring Fresh Recipes


All signs point to spring—budding trees in the orchard, fresh garden greens and the official kick-off of the season this Friday, March 20. Spring fare takes center stage in this week’s basket, too, with all the ingredients for a light stracciatella soup crafted from rich chicken stock, silky eggs and housemade kale-hazelnut pesto, plus rustic Italian bread, a crisp Pinot Gris and produce including radishes, curly kale rapini and Cremini mushrooms. Enjoy!

Here are a few recipe ideas for the week:

Stracciatella Soup
Accented with our kale-hazelnut pesto, this nourishing soup is incredibly light and silky.

Spring Greens with Easter Egg Radish Rounds
This refreshing salad boasts a delightful crunch courtesy of spring-fresh radish slices.

Kale Rapini with Buttered Baby Leeks
Sublime herb- and cheese-kissed crumbs finish these sautéed spring greens.

Garlic Butter-Roasted Cremini Mushrooms
Roasted with capers and garlic, this simple dish is a real show-stopper.

Spring Greens with Easter Egg Radish Rounds

This refreshing salad boasts a delightful crunch courtesy of spring-fresh radish slices.

1 pound mixed frilly mustard greens and Oak Leaf arugula
1 bunch Easter Egg radishes, sliced into thin rounds
Farm & Larder creamy balsamic dressing
Grana-style cheese, for grating
Fresh ground pepper

1. In a large bowl, combine greens and radish slices. Drizzle with Farm & Larder balsamic dressing, toss to coat, and season to taste with fresh ground pepper. Grate a few tablespoons of Grana over the salad if desired.

Fresh Start Recipes


Happy New Year! Get 2015 off to a healthy start with this week’s box featuring a rustic, produce-packed soup topped with our own silky Grana cheese, nutty 7-grain bread and fresh, seasonal vegetables including Lacinato kale, parsnips and more. Coupled with a robust Italian wine, golden wildflower honey and farm-fresh eggs from our flock of heritage breed hens, this beautiful winter menu is both richly flavorful and resolution friendly.

Grana Cheese with Honey & Red Pepper Flakes
The success of this incredibly-simple appetizer depends entirely on the quality of the ingredients, so don’t scrimp!

Roasted Kohlrabi & Kabocha Squash
This beautiful side dish boasts a sweet, earthy flavor that pairs well with poultry or pork.

Balsamic-Glazed Root Vegetables
An herb-packed marinade infuses fresh flavor into winter produce staples like carrots and parsnips.

Fruit Crisp
A quick and easy dessert using apples, pears or berries: Simply toss the fruit with cornstarch and sugar, then sprinkle with the savory-sweet topping from this week’s box.

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