What’s In The Box? May 9-15

Fresh Flavors
Crisp and crunchy, verdant and vivacious, the flavors of spring are freshening up this week’s lineup with such ingredients as cauliflower, spring garlic, purple Mizuna and microgreens, plus bright red rhubarb and Meyer lemons. Also featuring fresh lemon-pepper linguine, baby Shiitake mushrooms and Tunawerth cream cheese, this lineup of seasonal favorites invites you to immerse yourself in the kitchen with a glass of wine—and enjoy!

Here’s what you’ll find in your box this week:

Lemon-Pepper Linguine Pasta

Hand-crafted from wholesome, quality ingredients by Bellingham Pasta Co., this fresh linguine is kissed with citrusy lemon and fresh-cracked pepper for incredible flavor.

Baby Shiitake Mushrooms

With their curled umbrella-shaped caps and tender thin stalks, these beautiful organic Shiitake mushrooms release a garlic-pine aroma when cooked and boast a rich, earthy flavor.

Pain au Levain Bread

This slightly-nutty, slightly-sweet sourdough loaf epitomizes French country-style baking with a chewy crust and light, airy interior. Baked by our favorite bakery in Snohomish, this traditional Pain au Levain is crafted using the bakery’s own sourdough starter.

Château Saint Nabor Gris de Nabor Rosé 2017

This French Rosé is bright and glistening with a bouquet of red fruit aromas and honeysuckle. Light, crisp and easy drinking, it also features summery notes of wild strawberries and blueberries with mineral nuances.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Busy scratching through the straw mulch in their spacious outdoor run looking for tasty bugs and worms on nice days, our heritage breed laying hens are also thoroughly enjoying a bounty of sprouting seeds and spring popweed, in turn supplying us with fresh eggs in beautiful shades of blues, green and brown.

Tunawerth Creamery Cream Cheese

A luscious, spreadable cream cheese made by a small, family-run dairy in Tenino, Washington.

Girl Meets Dirt Quince Marmalade

Made from beautiful quince harvested from a century-old tree, this scrumptious preserve from Orcas Island-based Girl Meets Dirt is lightly infused with organic sugar and lemon juice to achieve the perfect balance of tart and sweet.

Galette Dough

Crafted from all-purpose flour and organic butter, this housemade pastry dough adapted from a beloved Alice Waters recipe bakes up light and crisp, with a smooth buttery taste that pairs well with spring rhubarb.

Seasonal Organic Greens

Micro broccoli, spicy microgreens, purple Mizuna and baby red lettuce.

Seasonal Organic Vegetables & Fruit

This week’s produce selection also includes cauliflower, mixed radishes, Russian Banana fingerling potatoes and Hakurei turnips, plus rhubarb and Meyer lemons.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Mint, thyme, chives, Italian parsley and spring garlic from the walled garden and greenhouse at Bella Luna Farms.

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