Billy Mills’ Bread & Butter Pickles

This recipe from 1940s-era music conductor Billy Mills is a great introduction to pickling.

7 cucumbers, sliced
5 white onions, sliced
1 green pepper, chopped
1 sweet red Bullhorn pepper, chopped
¼ cup salt
Crushed ice

Pickling solution:
2½ cups white vinegar
2½ cups granulated sugar
1 tablespoon mustard seed
1 teaspoon celery seed
¾ teaspoon tumeric
¼ teaspoon cloves

1. Prepare vegetables and place in a large bowl. Mix in salt and ice, then place in a cool place and let stand for at least 3 hours. Drain.

2. Mix pickling solution, add to drained vegetable in a large pot or kettle. Bring mixture to a boil, remove vegetables to canning jars immediately and cover in the hot liquid; seal.

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