Farm & Garden Notes: Hello, March


Can you feel it? Spring is in the air! Though it is just early March and the mornings and nights are still chilly, this year’s run of warmer-than-usual weather seems to have kick-started the season here at Bella Luna Farms.

The first daffodils and purple crocuses have peeped out from under the soil, dotting the landscape with their cheery blooms, and the plum trees are already budding, gracing us with their beautiful fragrant scent. Pending a hard frost, our other fruit trees don’t look to be far behind, their green buds soon to blossom into full, glorious flowers.

We’ve been spending more and more time out of doors, as are our resident animals. The chickens strut in their outdoor enclosure and the ‘girls’ are shedding their thick winter coats in favor of sleek, shiny new fur. Out in the garden, our planting plans are starting to take root. Later this month the spring peas will go into the ground and we’ll begin harvesting flavorful spring greens from the hoop house. By the end of the month, we should also see the first signs of watercress and perhaps even begin scouting for young rhubarb!

As the days continue to lengthen, we look forward to bidding adieu to winter produce in favor of all the fresh and bright flavors the farm provides—to Spring!

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