Farm & Garden Notes: Hi, April!


The classic adage ‘April showers bring May flowers’ is coming to fruition this spring as recent rain showers have kick-started the flower beds here at Bella Luna, with early daffodils and tulips beginning to make their appearance. A troop of baby ducklings have taken up residence in the pond, one of the ‘girls’ will be kidding soon, and we also expect baby chicks by the end of the month! As we are busy both indoors during drippy days and outside during sun breaks, there are lots of exciting developments to share:

Nestled amongst a sea of vibrant daffodils, other favorites have also begun to bud and blossom, including rhododendrons, hellebores, and primroses, as well as evergreen huckleberries and hot pink salmon berry flowers – a favorite snack of the girls, both feathered and furred. Our spring blooms regularly find their way onto the farmhouse table, bringing a delightful glimpse of the season inside on our still often gray days. These bouquets have inspired a new offering of floral arranging classes we will be presenting in the coming months in tandem with a lineup of food and garden themed workshops; look for an announcement and full schedule very soon!

Spring is also in full swing in the vegetable garden, where we have been planting like mad, getting the first sweet peas, onions and garlic starts into the ground, as well as early spring lettuces, Swiss chard and cabbage. This year we will be adding 20 new apple, pear and plum trees to our orchard as well as new seed potatoes, more bare root raspberries and a new variety of strawberry, the Puget Crimson.

Even though it is early in the season, nature is already providing a bountiful harvest, including the bright green asparagus stalks poking out of the soil and early spring rhubarb. The herbs continue to grow apace in the walled garden, kissing the air with the savory scents of thyme, parsley and chives.

As always, we wish you the best this season and hope you too are enjoying a bountiful spring!

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