Farm & Garden Notes: Hi, August


Our record-breaking heat has continued into the dog days of August, as crops continue to ripen ahead of schedule, and the animals continue to seek the sometimes elusive shade to stay cool—the girls are often lounging under the canopy of trees in their pasture during the heat of the day (shenanigans are reserved for early morning or evening!)

And as much as the sun-ripened peppers and tomatoes are soaking up the heat, other more tender crops, such as the lettuces and greens, continue to be challenging to keep watered. So, we are especially thankful for the late July rainshowers, which dusted everything off and gave the trees a thirst-quenching drink!

Our fruit crops are proving especially bountiful this year, from the big, juicy blueberries, raspberries and blackberries to colorful red and yellow plums, with the pears and apples just around the corner. During these long summer days, we have been busy in the farm kitchen preserving these gorgeous summer delicacies. In addition to fruit preserves, our ‘jam sessions’, so to speak, also include pickling cucumbers and canning beets, as well as making small batches of our Nonna Pat’s famous tomato sauce with vine-ripened tomatoes plucked fresh from the garden. In all, we have stowed away a thousand jars so far, sure to be beautiful reminders of this glorious, sun-kissed summer during the cold winter months that will arrive all too soon.

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