Farm & Garden Notes: Hi, July


Welcome to July! We hope everyone enjoyed a safe and happy 4th with family and friends. We also hope you are staying cool during the current heat wave; our busy days have become even busier as we try to keep everyone here at the farm, both two- and four-legged, as hydrated and cool as possible:

The goats have been lazing around in the shade, doing little but resting and yes, ruminating, too. They keep this up until the cooler evening hours just before the sun goes down when things start to look a little livelier in the pasture. Our farm dog, Buddy, is being spoiled several times a day with ice cubes in his water bowl. We have also spied quite a few nests in use, again, as the cadre of birds begin to lay an early second brood.

The record heat has all the crops weeks ahead of schedule, and we are scrambling to keep the gardens watered (as the water level in the pond drops lower and lower, it is a persistent reminder of just how dry it is!). As a result, the blueberries are ripening apace, the raspberries are just days away, and the plums are starting to show color. Our resident ‘heat lovers’ like the tomatoes and peppers are thriving, but more tender crops, such as the lettuces and chard, are proving to be a struggle as these heat-adverse plants are shying away from the heat and trying to go to seed. Both ourselves and all the other local farmers are very much looking forward to the promised cooling later in the week!

As midsummer continues we hope to see you here at the farm for one of our remaining floral arrangement classes, which prove to be a relaxing and refreshing experience no matter what the temperature dial reads. Sign up today!

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