Farm & Garden Notes: Hi, July!

It’s July and high summer is in full swing at the farm! The bold, beautiful tiger lilies that grow near the house began blooming this week, and during lazy afternoons, the goats are often spotted napping in the shade in the pasture to get a break from the heat.

For us, after the goats are cared for, summer morning chores continue in the gardens, where we marvel at the scarlet runner pole beans, peas, and cucumbers climbing their trellises by inches a day. Each morning we also hand-pick the daily crop of fresh, juicy Tulameen raspberries. Some of these tart-sweet berries are destined for a summer fruit crisp or for snacking, but a good portion is always set aside to use in our favorite fresh raspberry jam. (Learn more about our signature recipe here!)

Afternoons are spent mowing, weeding and watering, or visiting our Fall City acreage to check on our blueberry field. After waiting four years for the plants to grow to size, we hope to get our first crop of berries this year! The honey bees are also loving the pleasant afternoons, and all the varieties of blossoms to buzz around. Blackberries are a special favorite, one of their main food sources here in the Pacific Northwest.

We hope you are enjoying this sunny season as much as we are! Stay tuned for more updates from Bella Luna Farms and Farm & Larder.

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