Forager’s Delights Recipes

From the season’s first fiddleheads to pretty pink radishes, spring produce continues to abound, both in the garden and foraged from the wild. Thus, this week’s box sings with such additional highlights as baby Shiitake mushrooms, snap peas and flowering sage; combine these beauties with such provisions as multigrain bread, nutty Alpine-style cheese, chicken stock and our own strawberry preserves, and let the flavors of spring delight everyone at your table.

Here are a few recipes ideas for the week:

Sautéed Fiddlehead Ferns
These bright green fronds lend themselves to many of the same uses as asparagus. Here, they shine with a simple dressing of butter and lemon juice.

Sugar Snap Pea Salad with Radishes & Mint
This wonderful springtime salad gets an extra flavor boost courtesy of crunchy radish slices and zingy lemon zest.

Baby Red Potato Salad with Crème Fraîche & Mint
This unique recipe from Jamie Oliver ingeniously combines fresh mint, crème fraîche and Anaheim chile.

Sautéed Turnips & Greens with Garlic
Tossed with flavorful garlic, these turnip greens are incredibly tender thanks to a quick simmer in chicken stock.

Oven-Roasted Baby Shiitake Mushroom & Vegetable Salad
This room temperature salad is also wonderful served over grilled slices of polenta.

Roasted Radishes
Seasoned with fresh thyme and red onions, these buttery radishes are an excellent accompaniment to just about any protein.

Sage Blossom Pesto
Utilizing the gorgeous flowers of the sage plant, this full-flavored pesto is excellent served on grilled crostini.

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