Hello, February! The Latest News from Farm & Larder and Bella Luna Farms

Greetings from the farm—and welcome to February! After January’s bout of snow, this is a month of contradictions here at the farm, as we have seen both days of wintery rain and then a few early glimpses of spring, too, as the blossoming witch hazel tree and delicate snowdrops bring a smile to our faces every time we pass by, as do the tiny shoots of green courageously poking out the soil here and there.

On milder days, the resident animals are beginning to venture outside their warm, straw-lined stalls and coops. The ‘girls’, still thick with their winter coats, nibble on hay and tidbits of grass under the eaves of the barn, clamouring to say hello as we go by; the donkey lazes in his paddock; and the chickens are busy, busy, busy laying eggs with breaks taken in their outdoor enclosure. We, too, try to take advantage of the longer afternoons, getting compost prepped for spring gardening, gathering herbs from the greenhouse and visiting the creamery to check on the cheeses aging in our cave.

Much of this time of year is still spent in the warm and cozy farmhouse kitchen. There, you can find us prepping for the next in our Classes on the Farm workshops—we are so excited to welcome professional cheesemaker Meghan McKenna for four classes in March as she instructs us in the art of butter-making and crafting fresh cheeses at home. Save the dates for March 8th and 29th and get your tickets for these classes today!

Also, on this upcoming Sunday February 9th, we will be hosting our Winter Scampagnata Lunch, the fourth installment in an inspiring four-season series of dining experiences here at the farm to benefit Slow Food Seattle. It’s sure to be a magical (and delicious!) afternoon—join us!

On Wednesdays, we are busy readying recipes and seasonal produce for the weekly box delivery. February is prime season for hearty and healthy root vegetables (no doubt you’ve noticed from the plethora in your box each week!) and though these veggies are perhaps less well-known than their summer companions, they are true examples of what it is to eat seasonally in the Northwest. This is why the theme and tone of your box changes as we capture a snapshot of each unique growing season—even this one, chock-full of ‘dirt-lovers’ such as carrots, beets, parsnips and turnips and hardy greens like kale and chard.

As we wait for spring to arrive, we’ll endeavor to find new and delicious ways to enjoy our roots and winter greens—be sure to keep checking our weekly recipes for suggestions. Here are a few of our recent favorites to tide you over until spring truly arrives:

Spicy Honey-Glazed Parsnips
Drizzled with chili-honey butter, this roasted parsnip recipe from Bon Appetit is a real winner.

Cider-Braised Beets
These delightful beets from Rick Rodgers’ The Big Book of Sides are sure to be a new fall favorite.

Braised Root Vegetables & Cabbage with Fruit
This ingenious recipe from Food & Wine boasts extra flavor thanks to the addition of apples and pears.

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