Hello, June! The Latest News from Farm & Larder and Bella Luna Farms

From the baby birds leaving their nests to the abundance of beautiful blooms and blue skies, it sure feels like summer is near—and the recent weather suggests that just might be true.

Here are the farm, the arrival of June means the gardens are all nearly planted, with the cucumbers, lettuces and other greens all thriving in addition to the Romano beans inching their way up the trellises and the fragrant herbs growing in abundance in the Walled Garden.

Warm weather plants such as the tomatoes and peppers are ready to go in the hoop house, with the eggplant and summer squash starts to follow. We’ve begun checking the strawberries to see if any are ripening, but we will have to be patient as those look to still be a week or two out. In the meantime, we will enjoy the peonies as they start their vibrant season as well as the first flush of English roses in bloom.

Around the rest of the farm, the animals are enjoying a ‘spa day’ to brush out the last of their thick winter undercoats, while Dave and Beth Richards of JohnnyAppleBeez will soon come to retrieve their orchard mason bee houses from the garden, which will be filled with the cocoons of baby bees; the Richards will help these bees become next year’s crop pollinators.

As the summer season gets under way, we are also kept busy planting both veggies and herbs for kitchen gardens and summer color in beds, pots and borders for our Parterre clients, and then with the special events and weddings happening here at Bella Luna.

One particularly special event is coming up soon on June 15th: Our “Scampagnata” spring supper event, the first in an inspiring series of outings here at the farm that will benefit Slow Food Seattle. Scampagnata will also champion the foods found on Slow Food’s Ark of Taste, a living catalog of delicious and distinctive foods that are facing extinction in our modern age. Help us support local growers and the real, true and authentic flavors of the Northwest by joining us for these events—or send a loved one in your stead.

Additional details and tickets can be found here; we hope to see you here for Scampagnata and in the meantime, enjoy this most pleasant start to June!

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