Hello, March! The Latest News from Farm & Larder and Bella Luna Farms

As the old saying goes, March seems to have come in like a lion, bringing with it rain, some snow and then seemingly more rain. Still, every sun break, mild afternoon and budding branch reminds us that spring is on its way to Bella Luna:

The first daffodils, primulas and crocuses are beginning to pop up out of the soil, and some of the plum and cherry trees are beginning to bud, soon to also grace us with their beautiful fragrant scent. We’ve been spending more and more time out of doors, as are our resident animals—the chickens strut in their outdoor enclosure and the ‘girls’ are shedding their thick winter undercoats in favor of a sleek new look.

The pace has picked up in the gardens as the plots begin to awaken from their winter slumber: Seeds are going in the greenhouse and the new lettuce and kale starts have already taken root, as have the onion sets and leeks. Later this month the spring peas will be planted and we will begin harvesting our first crops of flavorful spring greens from the hoop house. By the end of the month, if it is warm enough for new growth, we should also see the first signs of watercress and perhaps even begin scouting for young rhubarb!

Things are also accelerating in the gardens we care for away from the farm; our gardening and landscaping company, Parterre, has been busy planning, planting and pruning for our clients across the Puget Sound. Spring is a busy time as we design and install food gardens or incorporate edibles into existing landscapes, creating visual interest by combining bright, vibrant blooms and other ornamentals with such edibles as pea towers, herbs and even edible flowers. Every tree, shrub and stone is thoughtfully hand-selected and each garden we design is a unique and personal creation for the client—it so gratifying to see each one come to life in the spring and summer.

As the days continue to lengthen, we look forward to bidding adieu to winter produce in favor of all the fresh and bright spring flavors the farm provides. To spring—and beyond!

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