Hello, May! The Latest News from Farm & Larder and Bella Luna Farms

Though the month of April was historically chilly, May has still brought lush beauty here to Bella Luna. The long daylight hours, coupled with a few sun breaks, have really jump-started our ‘to-do’ list, keeping us busy dawn to dusk trying to get ahead of the weeds that now seem to pop up overnight.

The apple, cherry, and pear trees along with the blueberry bushes are abloom in both the orchard and the garden where Woodinville’s Johnny Applebees LLC recently installed specialized orchard mason bee houses to aid pollination and good fruit production. We are harvesting asparagus and herbs galore from the main vegetable plot, and the raspberries there are about to bloom as well. We are also planting peas, carrots, lettuces, beets, leeks and onions. Beans, cucumbers, and summer squashes are about to be seeded in the greenhouse to be planted out later in early June when the soil is warmer. (It seems it’s time to secure the gates to the vegetable gardens so we don’t have any furry guests nibbling tender new shoots!)

When it is sunny out, the ‘girls’ venture out to enjoy the lush green pasture, where they also like to stretch their heads over the fence to nibble on any brambles they can reach, and then take a break to lie down in the tall grass. The hens can also be spotted pecking around their outdoor enclosure, and as we travel from building to building, and garden to garden, our faithful pooches, Miette and Cannelle, are almost always at our sides. As dusk approaches, we are also once again treated to the chorus of frogs, so loud at night we can hear them indoors—a most welcome symphony after the long winter months.

To sunnier days hopefully just ahead!

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