Hello, October! The Latest News from Farm & Larder and Bella Luna Farms

While the days can still be sunny and warm as we start the month of October, the cooler nights and misty mornings tell us it is truly now fall.

Here at Bella Luna, the leaves are just beginning to turn brilliant shades of red, yellow and orange, and the local wildlife are beginning to stash provisions: Squirrels are busy darting to and fro, carrying off acorns, walnuts and chestnuts—some as big as their heads—to bury for food during the winter months. The blue jays are also busy squabbling with one another, battling the squirrels for acorns and hazelnuts.

The apple harvest has officially begun—the sweet, aromatic Macoun and crunchy, mildly-tart Liberty are the first to ripen in our orchard. We admit to snatching a few, fragrant and crunchy, right off the tree while walking past to do chores at the barn or in the garden. Soon, we will press and enjoy our first batch of fresh cider, and start cooking up homemade batches of applesauce and apple butter in the farm kitchen.

In addition to days spent tending our clients’ gardens for our landscape design firm Parterre, at home we are pulling the last of the juicy San Marzano and Roma tomatoes out of the hoophouse, which are destined for more batches of our Nonna Pat’s tomato sauce, and then planting kale, chard, and garlic to overwinter for early spring harvest. These hardy crops always renew our excitement for fall—foraging for mushrooms in the woods, or enjoying the distinct flavors of autumn over a cozy supper.

We hope you are well and also enjoying this most lovely start to October!

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