Hi, December! The Latest News from Farm & Larder and Bella Luna Farms

As we transition from the Thanksgiving holiday into the first of December, the days are getting shorter and shorter while also seemingly getting busier and busier during the start of this merry holiday season!

Unaware of everything going on beyond the gates of Bella Luna, the resident goats, donkey and the chickens go about their daily routine of eating, ruminating, and sleeping—what a life! Our newest addition, a sweet pooch named Cannelle, has been our constant companion on our rounds around the farm to visit the animals and check on the gardens.

A hush has fallen around the hives in the apiary as the bees are now in their winter clusters, huddling around the queen to keep everyone warm and fed. The last of the leaves have fallen, and the bounty of the summer and fall has been stored away—the apples and pears have been harvested and the tomatoes have been canned to enjoy throughout the upcoming winter. We harvested carrots and beets this past week, and moved the Meyer lemon trees into the hoophouse for the winter.

We have been busy putting the ornamental flower gardens to bed and also adding heavy straw mulch to the vegetable plots, which will remain fallow over the winter to protect the soil and keep weeds at bay. In other areas of the vegetable garden and in our cut flower field, we planted cover crops which will be tilled in during the spring to help add nutrients to the soil before planting. We are busy digging and storing dahlia tubers, and the first seed catalog has just arrived in the mail!

As the holiday shopping season commences, look no further than the farm. We have a little something for everyone on your list, with subscriptions to Farm & Larder’s weekly delivery service, gift cards or gift baskets all available for purchase. We’re bringing back our classic Nonna Pat’s Sunday Supper basket for the holiday season, which includes such Italian-inspired provisions as hand-crafted pasta, dipping oil and our own marinara sauce crafted from a treasured family recipe. We would love to put together a custom gift basket or flower arrangement for you—please let us know how we can help! (Do note, our ordering deadline is December 17th!)

On a scheduling note, the last F&L delivery of the year will be on Thursday, December 23rd and then we will pick back up again per usual in the New Year—we will keep you posted on dates and details here in the next few weeks so you can mark your calendars. From all of us here at the farm, we wish you and yours a merry holiday season and a Happy New Year!

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