Hi, July! The Latest News and Notes from Farm & Larder and Bella Luna Farms

It’s July and summer is trying its best to arrive here at the farm! Here’s what this beautiful, sunny season has in store for us:

The bold and beautiful tiger lilies that grow near the house have just begun to bloom, and during the warmer afternoons, the goats are often spotted resting and ruminating in the sunshine. (They keep this up until the evening hours when things start to look a little livelier out there when fresh hay for dinner arrives in the barn.)

Summer chores continue in the gardens, where we marvel at the growth of the beans, peas and cucumbers that climb their trellises by inches each day. Apples, plums and pears are developing on the trees and the Montmorency pie cherries will be harvested this week! We also are eagerly anticipating the first crop of fresh, juicy Tulameen raspberries that are just now starting to ripen. Some of these tart-sweet berries will be destined for a summer fruit crisp or for snacking, but a good portion are always set aside to use in our favorite fresh raspberry jam.

The honey bees are also loving the pleasant afternoons and buzz busily amongst the many varieties of blossoms, working hard collecting pollen and nectar; the blackberry flowers are a special favorite for them, being one of the honeybee’s main food sources here in the Pacific Northwest.

Like many of you, we are still finding new projects to undertake and are excited to have planted a new, two-acre cut flower garden next to our hoophouse where we are growing many of our favorite flowers such as dahlias, phlox, cosmos, sunflowers and more, plus trying some new and unusual varieties. In the evenings, we are busy with planning online flower and vegetable gardening classes.

It is definitely a bit quieter without the usual summer events happening, but we are also thankful for how busy we have been with the planning and preparation of the weekly add-on menu—it brings us such joy to continue to bring the farm to your tables, and we so appreciate your support. Take care; and we hope this sunny season brings you some joy!

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