Oktoberfest Recipes

In keeping with the warm, soulful flavors of classic Oktoberfest, this week’s lineup stars such favorites as tender pork shoulder braised in sauerkraut, tangy mustard and chewy, wholesome pumpernickel bread. Complemented by an array of fresh fall produce like crisp carrots, Delicata squash and Yukon Gold potatoes to incorporate into comforting side dishes, this box also includes two locally-made chocolate bars to finish off your supper on a sweet note.

Here are a few recipe ideas for the week:

German Potato Salad
Seasoned with fresh chives, parsley and crispy bacon, this traditional side dish is best served warm.

Sweet Green Cabbage Slaw
Crafted with fresh cabbage, this sweet-and-sour slaw is a true German classic.

Braised Swiss Chard with Garlic
A wonderful side dish to accompany this week’s classic Bavarian fare.

Roasted Carrots Two Ways
One sweet, the other savory, these easy methods allow freshly-roasted carrots to shine!

This lovely, chunky applesauce pairs well with this week’s Bavarian fare.

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