Oktoberfest Recipes


In keeping with the warm flavors of Oktoberfest, this week’s lineup stars such favorites as hearty German sausages, a tangy curry mustard and chewy, wholesome rye bread. Complemented by an array of fresh fall produce like crisp carrots, cauliflower and Butterball potatoes to incorporate into comforting side dishes, this satisfying supper also includes crisp local ale and a lovely pear-cranberry galette for dessert.

Here are a few recipe ideas for the week:

German Potato Salad
Tossed with crisp green beans and crispy bacon, this traditional side dish is best served warm.

Roasted Cauliflower with Garlic
Minced garlic and fresh parsley add bright flavor to roasted cauliflower florets.

Roasted Carrots Two Ways
One sweet, the other savory, both of these easy methods allow freshly-roasted carrots to shine!

Sprouting Broccoli Salad
This room temperature salad from The Barefoot Contessa has just the right amount of crunch!

Pear-Cranberry Galette
This country-style tart allows ripe fall pears to shine, kissed with tart cranberries, brown sugar and a gorgeous honey glaze.

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