Rise & Shine Recipes


It’s breakfast time! Gather round the table this weekend and rid yourself of the rainy day blues with a satisfying brunch starring fresh, hot-from-the-oven cream biscuits topped with our housemade jam. Complemented by breakfast-ready ingredients such as Gruyère-style cheese and a dozen farm-fresh eggs, this week’s box also includes beautiful local mushrooms, fingerling potatoes, winter squash and Mandarin oranges—pour yourself a cup of joe and get cookin’.

Here are some recipe ideas for the week:

Breakfast Biscuits
These fluffy biscuits are extra-rich thanks to the addition of sweet cream.

Mandarin Orange Compote
This tart-sweet spread is lovely on croissants, French toast or even this week’s breakfast biscuits.

Scrambled Eggs with Gruyère-Style Cheese
Wake up your morning eggs with sweet, nutty Gruyère cheese.

Baked Winter Squash with Rosemary
Roasted inverted on the pan, savory winter squash is amplified by a stuffing of fresh herbs and onions.

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes & Parsnips with Herbs
Fragrant herbs add a homey, seasonal touch to these roasted vegetables.

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