‘Tis the Season Recipes

The first week of December has brought the trademark busy days and festive nights of the holiday season, as well as equally-seasonal weather with chilly nights and icy mornings. Come in from the cold and take a much-deserved break this week with provisions for an cozy pasta supper—earthy mushroom confit, handmade bucatini and pumpernickel bread—plus our housemade Southwestern turkey soup to fuel you up for a quick lunch. Accompanied by winter produce such as Red Kuri squash, Lacinato kale and Chantenay carrots, plus creamy blue cheese salad dressing and locally-grown chestnuts, this box will do wonders to buoy the holiday spirit.

Here are a few recipe ideas for the week:

Bucatini with Red Kuri Squash, Kale & Mushroom Confit
The classic pairing of squash and sage is utterly delicious combined with our housemade confit and pasta.

Beet, Carrot & Pomegranate Salad
This colorful salad is perfect for winter and beyond.

Roasted Carrots Two Ways
One sweet, the other savory, these easy methods allow freshly-roasted carrots to shine!

Maple Ginger Red Kuri Squash
You’ll love this unique flavor combination!

Garlic Pumpernickel Croutons
These garlicky nibbles are fantastic scattered on a Lacinato kale salad.

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