Weekend Brunch Recipes


Put on some coffee, pull out a skillet and wake up to this week’s menu of farmhouse favorites: With all-natural chicken breakfast sausage and a German-style oven pancake topped with summer raspberry preserves, plus a dozen farm-fresh eggs, bright citrus salad vinaigrette and seasonal produce including fennel, gold and red beets and Cara Cara oranges, it has everything you need to whip up a luxurious and leisurely weekend brunch.

Here are some recipe ideas for the week:

German-Style Oven Pancake
Forget flipping: This oven-baked pancake is airy and light—absolutely delicious topped with raspberry preserves.

Baked French Toast
This homey recipe from The Pioneer Woman can easily be done a day ahead and chilled until ready to bake.

Cara Cara Orange Compote
This tart-sweet spread is lovely on croissants, French toast or even this week’s oven pancake!

Savory Mushroom Breakfast Strata
This healthy yet decadent-tasting strata is studded with winter squash, mushrooms and tender greens.

Cara Cara Salad with Fresh Fennel & Arugula Greens
This citrus-kissed salad is beautifully presented with Cara Cara oranges slices and crisp fennel.

Roasted Potatoes with Herbs
Classic breakfast potatoes are brightened with fresh herbs for this versatile recipe.

Celeriac Mash
This simple method from Jamie Oliver allows celeriac to shine; this hearty winter vegetable is a wonderful substitute for potatoes in recipes.

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