What’s In The Box? March 24-30

Spring Foraging
Filled with colorful vegetables and a plethora of vibrant greens ranging from French sorrel and Swiss chard to kale rapini, this week’s box sings of spring, highlighted by a bright and earthy pesto crafted from locally-foraged nettles. Add to this equation fresh Grana-style cheese, Pain au Levain bread and hand-crafted pasta from Lagana Foods, and this fresh selection is a fitting welcome to the first full week of the season.

Here’s what you’ll find in your box this week:

Basil-Nettle Pesto

Our seasonal spin on the classic Italian pesto is a bright combination of garlic, top-quality Italian olive oil, basil, toasted walnuts and Grana cheese from the farmstead creamery, plus locally-foraged nettles from the Snohomish River Valley.

Lagana Foods Campanelle Pasta

Founded by local superstar chefs Ethan Stowell and Kaela Farrington and made in downtown Seattle, Lagana Foods pastas are crafted using semolina flour and water, then cut to shape using traditional bronze dies. This curly campanelle (“little bells” in Italian) is the epitome of rustic elegance—try it this week tossed with sautéed garlic, leeks and our foraged nettle pesto.

Pain au Levain Bread

This slightly-nutty, slightly-sweet sourdough loaf embodies country-style French baking with a chewy crust and light, airy interior. Baked by our favorite bakery in Snohomish, this traditional Pain au Levain is crafted using the bakery’s own sourdough starter; serve it alongside this week’s pesto-kissed pasta to complete the meal.

Torre Guaceto Pietraluna

This intensely dark red wine is crafted from hand-picked grapes grown on the Negroamaro appellation within the sun-soaked Puglia region of Italy. Aged in stainless steel tanks to preserve the purity of the fruit, the beautiful Pietraluna (“stone moon” in Italian) boasts notes of red berries and Mediterranean fruit as well as a hint of licorice.

Grana-Style Cheese

Made in our farmstead creamery, this hard Grana-style cheese is crafted from part-skim cow’s milk to allow for longer aging of 24 months or more. Ideal for grating over pasta, the drum-shaped cheese is turned and rubbed with olive oil during aging to create a smooth, golden rind.

Farm Fresh Eggs

As they spend their time dodging raindrops on wet spring days, our heritage breed laying hens enjoy the tasty green popweed we pull from the garden, in turn supplying us with eggs in shades of brown, blue and green with bright yellow yolks.

Seasonal Organic Fruits & Vegetables

This week’s produce selection includes Carnival acorn squash, cauliflower, leeks and French Breakfast radishes, plus Cara Cara oranges and lemons.

Seasonal Organic Greens

Enjoy an abundance of spring greens this week, including kale rapini, frilly purple mustard greens, French sorrel, Swiss red chard and peppery arugula greens.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Rosemary, chives, shallots, parsley, and garlic from the Walled Garden at Bella Luna and Bright Ide Acres.

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