What’s In The Box? April 15-21

Spring Sunshine
This week’s beautiful weather sure has jump-started the gardens! Crisp and crunchy, verdant and vivacious, the flavors of spring are thus freshening up this week’s lineup with such ingredients as pea and sunflower shoots, purple sprouting broccoli, leeks and chives. Also featuring fresh pappardelle pasta, Skagit River Ranch Italian sausage, Tunawerth cream cheese, our own duxelles and cornichons, plus top-quality baking ingredients, this box of seasonal favorites invites you to immerse yourself in the kitchen before heading back outside with a full plate and a glass of wine to enjoy!

Here’s what you’ll find in your box this week:

Fresh Egg Pappardelle Pasta

This lovely, fresh handmade pasta is made by our favorite local pasta maker in Bellingham. Perhaps enjoyed tossed with spring pea shoots, or with duxelles and savory Italian sausage, these broad, flat noodles should rightly earn their name, which is derived from the Italian verb ‘to gobble up’.

Skagit River Ranch Italian Sausage

The pampered pigs raised on the Skagit River Ranch in Sedro-Woolley roam outdoors in certified-organic pastureland to root, dig, and cavort as only happy pigs can, thriving on a diet of flax seed, corn and wheat. Spiced with savory herbs, this delectable Italian-style sausage will add a savory note to pasta.

Housemade Duxelles

Our housemade duxelles are made from a mixture of finely chopped wild mushrooms, shallots and herbs, all sautéed in butter and wine.

Rosemary & Olive-Oil Crackers

Herb-kissed flatbread-style crackers fit for snacking!

Pain au Levain Bread

This slightly-nutty, slightly-sweet sourdough loaf epitomizes French country-style baking with a chewy crust and light, airy interior. Baked by our favorite bakery in Snohomish, this traditional Pain au Levain is crafted using the bakery’s own sourdough starter.

Cairnspring Mills Trailblazer Bread Flour

This Burlington-based company is rediscovering the heart and soul of flour-making by producing small-batch, responsibly-grown flours made solely from wheat grown in the Pacific Northwest. This versatile flour is stone-milled from locally-raised Yecora Rojo grains.

Fleischmann’s Active Dry Baking Yeast

The all-important ingredient to help produce fluffy bread!

Sharecropper Pinot Noir

The pale ruby Oregon Pinot opens on the nose with young berry, wet stone and fresh herbal notes and features light juicy cherry, and hints of smokiness on the palette, as well as super-soft tannins that linger on the medium finish.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our heritage breed laying hens supply us with fresh eggs in beautiful shades of brown, beige and cream.

Tunawerth Creamery Cream Cheese

A luscious, spreadable cream cheese made by a small, family-run dairy in Tenino, Washington.

Big Spoon Roasters Chocolate Sea Salt Almond Butter

This delightful spread blends freshly milled, heirloom Mission variety almonds with organic dark chocolate, cocoa nibs, raw wildflower honey and a touch of Jacobsen sea salt to create a toasty, luscious butter with the perfect amount of crunch.


Our housemade cornichons are made using a traditional French recipe, crafted with Mathilde cucumbers and tarragon, with a grape leaf added to each jar during pickling to keep these petite, crunchy snacks nice and crisp.

Seasonal Organic Greens

Spring salad mix and arugula, plus pea and sunflower shoots.

Seasonal Organic Fruit & Vegetables

This week’s produce selection also includes Walla Walla sweet onions, baby red potatoes, leeks, purple sprouting broccoli, and cauliflower, plus Meyer lemons, Cara Cara oranges and Koru and Pink Lady apples.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Spring chives, Italian parsley and thyme from the walled garden and greenhouse at Bella Luna Farms.

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