What’s In The Box? August 21-27

Italian Classic
As they say, the classics never go out of style, and this week we are sharing one of our favorite tried-and-true combinations: stuffed pasta shells with housemade ricotta and our Nonna Pat’s tomato sauce. Intensely flavorful, this traditional family recipe captures the fresh summer flavor of vine-ripened tomatoes, garlic and basil; pair with garlic fougasse bread, a grating of aged Vecchio cheese and white Burgundy wine for a meal that is both incredibly seasonal and timeless, too.

Here’s what you’ll find in your box:

Nonna Pat’s Tomato Sauce

Crafted with organically-grown local tomatoes (and lots of love), the key to our housemade family recipe is its simplicity: juicy, ripe tomatoes, a handful of hand-torn basil leaves, fresh garlic, a swirl of first-press Italian olive oil, then sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.

Imported Lumacone Pasta

Imported from Naples, Italy, these beautiful pasta shells from Guiseppe Afeltra are wonderful filled with fresh ricotta cheese and basil and baked in Nonna Pat’s signature sauce. Check this week’s recipes for full instructions!

Fresh Ricotta

Rich, creamy, and mildly sweet, this lovely fresh ricotta is crafted in our farmstead creamery from cow’s milk whey and heavy cream. Use this versatile cheese in this week’s stuffed shells recipe, or sweeten lightly with honey and enjoy with fresh melon.

Garlic Fougasse Bread

Baked just for us at a small bakery in Snohomish, this rustic flatbread is ideal for sharing. Similar in style to traditional foccacia, the artisanal-style loaf is studded with fresh garlic to give it extra depth and flavor—tear off a piece and dip it in your favorite olive oil, or top with fresh cheese.

Domaine des Gandines Macon-Péronne

A lovely white Burgundy from the Macon region in France, this Chardonnay is mineral driven with flinty notes, a round mouth-feel, hints of salinity, and clean acidity. Produced by the Dananchet family since 1925, the Domaine des Gandines vineyards are farmed in the southern reaches of Burgundy, with no herbicides or chemical fertilizers, and are certified organic, while also incorporating biodynamic practices.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our small flock of heritage breed laying hens gives us fresh eggs in beautiful shades of brown, blue and green. With the long, warm days of summer, the “girls” spend their days outdoors chasing tasty bugs, taking dust baths, and enjoying the healthy greens and raspberry leaves we feed them from the garden.

Aged Vecchio Cheese

With a full, rich flavor similar to Grana, our handcrafted mixed goat and cow milk cheese is aged for over one year and is ideal for grating over this week’s pasta.

French Charentais Melon

These petite-sized melons originate from the Poitou-Charentes region of western France. With deep-orange flesh similar to that of cantaloupe and a sweet, slightly-tropical flavor, they are best enjoyed fresh in a fruit salad or with our ricotta cheese.

Spigariello Greens

A member of the Brassica family, this unusual Italian green is reminiscent in taste to broccoli rabe or kale, with tender leaves and stems. Hearty and rich, it is delicious served in pastas, or sautéed on its own with garlic and chili flakes.

Seasonal Organic Fruits & Vegetables

This week’s produce selection also includes heirloom tomatoes from Local Roots Farms including Green Zebra, Brandywine, Paul Robeson and Pink Beauty varieties, plus Tokyo Market turnips, Jaune du Doubs carrots and Chioggia beets.

Seasonal Organic Greens

Crunchy baby speckly lettuce, baby red romaine, curly endive and bok choy.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Fresh basil, savory, shallots, garlic and dill flowers from the Walled Garden at Bella Luna Farms.

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