What’s In The Box? August 6-12

A Taste of France
Done well, the beginning of a meal is often more memorable than the finish, a delightful first taste that whets the appetite and hints at greater things to come. This week, we are celebrating the art of the appetizer with a bountiful spread inspired by the French countryside: Savory country-style pâté, crunchy cornichon pickles and herbed fromage blanc from Cherry Valley Dairy, plus our own apricot mostarda. Paired with an artisan baguette and an incredible array of summer produce—from heirloom tomatoes and baby artichokes to blueberries and Imperial Epineuse plums—this beautiful first course is satisfying enough to last all evening long!

Here’s what you’ll find in your box:

Housemade Country Style Pâté

This French country-style terrine is seasoned with fresh thyme and flavorful sherry—it’s wonderful served alongside a freshly-toasted baguette, accoutrements like cornichons, mostarda and fromage blanc, and of course, an array of summer produce!


Our housemade cornichons are made using a traditional French recipe, crafted with Mathilde cucumbers and tarragon, with a grape leaf added to each jar during pickling to keep these petite, crunchy snacks nice and crisp.

Fresh Artisan Baguette

Baked just for us at a small bakery in Snohomish, this light, airy loaf is great freshly re-warmed from the oven—the trick to a great crispy crust is to brush a little water on top before reheating!

La Petite Perrière Rosé 2018

Boasting a beautiful pale salmon hue, this easy-going Rosé from France is fresh and clean with a soft, silky texture, plus notes of raspberries, strawberries, red currants and violets.

Cherry Valley Herbed Fromage Blanc

This wonderfully-creamy and just-slightly-tangy cheese is made from locally-sourced milk and farm-fresh Herbes de Provence by Cherry Valley Dairy in Duvall.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Busy scratching through the straw mulch in their spacious outdoor run looking for tasty bugs and worms, our heritage breed laying hens supply us with fresh eggs in beautiful shades of brown, beige and cream.

Apricot Mostarda

Complete your appetizer platter with our signature apricot mostarda, a sweet-savory preserve crafted from fresh fruit, white wine vinegar, spices and the perfect hint of mustard.

Seasonal Organic Greens

Beautiful red Cegolaine lettuce and spicy mixed microgreens.

Ripe Summer Fruit

Imperial Epineuse plums, Rubel blueberries, Pink Lady apples and lemons.

Seasonal Organic Vegetables

This week’s produce selection also includes mixed summer squash, heirloom tomatoes, Sungold cherry tomatoes, Hakurei turnips, scallions, English cucumbers, orange carrots, baby artichokes and La Ratte fingerling new potatoes.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Italian and curly parsley, plus fresh tarragon, thyme, sage and basil from the walled garden and greenhouse at Bella Luna Farms.

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