What’s In The Box? August 6-12

Summer Picnic
The sun-baked days of August beg for a lazy, leisurely picnic packed with farm-fresh produce and favorite bites like mint-kissed melon or potato salad topped with silky dressing. This week, spend an afternoon with family and friends nibbling away at a picnic-perfect salad tossed with smoked salmon—see this week’s recipes for three different ideas, fresh with ingredients like heirloom tomato, Italian pepperoncini and crisp cucumber, or juicy blueberries and lemon honey vinaigrette. Also included in this bright lineup: Sparkling Rosé wine, velvety crème fraîche and our housemade crostini.

Here’s what you’ll find in your box this week:

The Picnic: Recipes and Inspiration from Basket to Blanket Book

This lovely, hand-illustrated book is filled with effortless recipes, helpful checklists and expert advice, all centered around the art of picnicking. Written by the founders of the Portland Picnic Society, Marnie Hanel, Andrea Slonecker and Jen Stevenson, this charmer is full of wonderful ideas for this week’s lineup of summer produce—enjoy!

Loki Fish Company Smoked Wild Coho Salmon

Salmon from this local family-run operation is treated with the utmost care, gill-net caught off the shores of southeast Alaska before being smoked here in Monroe, Washington. Tender and moist, this top-quality Coho fillet is brined in honey and salt and then hot-smoked for the perfect flaky texture, making it a wonderful addition to a summer-fresh salad (see recipes for ideas).

Fresh MultiGrain Bread

Crafted in downtown Snohomish by our favorite local bakery, this round loaf is made with Shepherd’s Grain flour and 7 different whole grains, plus a hint of honey and toasted sunflower seeds.

Housemade Crostini

The perfect pairing for a crisp salad, our Italian-style crostini is seasoned with cracked black pepper, flaky sea salt, lemon, and extra-virgin olive oil.

Conde de Subirats Cava Brut Rosé

This incredibly-crisp sparkling Rosé is produced from grapes grown in the heart of Sant Sadurni d’Anoia, the birthplace of Cava, among the high altitude hills of the subregion of Espiells in Spain. A supple and silky bubbly, it possesses full orchard and tropical fruit flavors, pairing excellently with light appetizers and salads.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our flock of heritage breed laying hens produce eggs in beautiful shades of brown, blue and green. During the warm days of summer, the ‘girls’ spend their days outdoors chasing tasty bugs, taking dust baths and enjoying the tasty raspberry leaves we feed them from the garden.

Housemade Crème Fraîche

Crafted in our farmstead creamery from pasteurized organic sweet cream, this silky, velvety crème fraîche adds a rich touch to salad dressings and more.

Nicoise Olives

Smooth, nutty olives to toss into salads.

Ripe Summer Fruit

Fresh, seasonal lemons, blueberries and Santa Claus melon.

Seasonal Organic Fruit & Vegetables

This week’s produce selection also includes mixed heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, Anaheim chiles, Italian pepperoncini, heirloom Italian zucchini, yellow Pattypan and yellow summer squash, Marketmore cucumbers, Walla Walla sweet onions and baby red potatoes.

Seasonal Organic Greens

A beautiful selection of Little Gem and speckly crunchy baby lettuces.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Organically-grown Italian parsley, basil, dill, Parcel leaf celery, lavender, mint, rosemary, and sage.

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