What’s In The Box? February 17-23

Bavarian Classics
This week’s box stars the hearty, robust, cozy and comforting flavors of Bavaria with all-natural bratwurst complemented by locally-crafted Riesling sauerkraut, freshly-baked rye bread and a pair of bold mustards, plus seasonal produce like red cabbage, sweet onions, rutabaga and Bintje potatoes to help craft our favorite German-style side dishes (see recipes for details!). Honeycrisp apple cider, farm-fresh eggs, kiwi applesauce and cocktail pecans also help round out this truly-satisfying lineup—prost!

Here’s what you’ll find in your box this week:

Skagit River Ranch Bratwurst

The pampered pigs raised on this farm in Sedro-Woolley roam outdoors in certified organic pastureland to root, dig, and cavort, thriving on a diet of flaxseed, corn and wheat. This week, enjoy this all-natural pork in the ranch’s perfectly-spiced bratwurst.

Rye Bread

This dense, flavorful loaf is baked just for us at a small bakery in Snohomish with medium-grain rye flour and light caraway seed.

Britt’s Riesling Sauerkraut

Crafted from green cabbage, sweet onion, sea salt and yes, Riesling wine, this zippy sauerkraut from Langley, Washington’s Britt’s Fermented Foods is wonderful served with this week’s Bavarian fare.

Sauk Farm Honeycrisp Apple Cider

Crafted from cold-pressed Honeycrisp apples grown on Sauk Farm in Concrete, Washington, this refreshing cider is delicious served crisp and cold all on its own, or is mixed into your next cocktail.

Saviah Cellars ‘The Jack’ Sauvignon Blanc 2019 or Hedges Family Estates CMS Sauvignon Blanc 2020

You’ll receive one of these two beautiful Washington wines this week: The refreshing ‘The Jack’ fermented primarily in stainless steel barrels to preserve its lively edge, or, the unique CMS that combines the interesting aromatics and acidity of a Sauvignon Blanc with the inviting mouthfeel of a Chardonnay. Cheers!

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our small flock of heritage breed laying hens are on not-quite-so-early-to-bed schedule with the lengthening daylight hours. As they spend a bit more time outdoors in their run, the “girls” are now also enjoying succulent popweed pulled from the gardens along with an extra helping of grain to supplement their diet, continuing to give us fresh eggs in beautiful shades of brown, beige and cream.

Bornier Honey Dijon Mustard

Wonderful slathered over a hearty bratwurst, this signature mustard is made with a flavorful mix of signature Dijon and sweet honey.

Moutarde de Meaux Pommery Mustard

Crafted from mustard seeds, water, vinegar, salt and spices, this immensely-flavorful wholegrain mustard from France has been made from the same time-honored recipe since 1632.

Callie’s Charleston Biscuits’ Cocktail Pecans

Perfectly-toasted and salted pecans fit for snacks, salads and beyond!

Burnt Ridge Nursery & Orchards Kiwi Applesauce

This delicious sauce is made from orchard fruit grown on this farm located in Onalaska, Washington.

Fresh Organic Greens

Claytonia and radish microgreens.

Seasonal Organic Fruit & Vegetables

This week’s produce selection includes Walla Walla sweet onions, rutabaga, parsnips, Bintje potatoes, Icicle radishes and red cabbage, plus Pink Lady apples, sweet Dumpling and Delicata winter squash.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Thyme, parsley and garlic from the walled garden and hoophouse at Bella Luna Farms.

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