What’s In The Box? February 18-24

Soup’s On
What a snowy week it has been! As the flakes turn to raindrops, we’ve got an incredibly-satisfying menu of warm and cozy favorites to help ward off any pervading winter chill: Housemade French lentil soup crafted from seasonal veg, smoky pancetta and our own chicken stock, Gruyère cheese bread to serve alongside, and all the ingredients to make your own buckwheat crêpes with earthy mushroom filling. Also included: A beautiful bounty of greens fit for braising, both our signature citronette dressing and crème fraîche, as well as produce like red beets, Mokum carrots, Black Spanish radishes and a medley of crisp apples.

Here’s what you’ll find in your box this week:

French Lentil Soup

Healthy, savory and incredibly satisfying, our rustic housemade soup is made by slow-simmering fresh vegetables—including carrots, cabbage, celery and tomatoes—with French lentils and smoky pancetta in our housemade chicken broth base.

Gruyère Cheese Bread

Made in nearby Snohomish by our favorite bakery, this freshly-baked loaf balances sweet, nutty Gruyère cheese with a light, crisp crust. Absolutely delicious re-warmed in the oven, and then dunked into this week’s soup—just sprinkle a few drops of water and bake at 350° for about 15 minutes to heat it up.

Fairhaven Mill Organic Buckwheat Flour

Nestled in the Skagit Valley, this family and farmer-owned certified-organic flour mill sources their grains from family farms across the country, guaranteeing freshness and quality from tilth to table.
This particular buckwheat flour makes exceptional crêpes—see recipes for details!

Mushroom Crêpe Filling

This housemade filling is crafted from a mixture of earthy, locally-grown mushrooms.

La Petite Perrière Rosé

Boasting a beautiful pale salmon hue, this easy-going Rosé from France is fresh and clean with a soft, silky texture, plus notes of raspberries, strawberries, red currants and violets.

Housemade Crème Fraîche

Our rich and silky crème fraîche is crafted in our farmstead creamery from pasteurized organic sweet cream.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our small flock of heritage breed laying hens gives us fresh eggs in beautiful shades of brown and cream.

Big Spoon Roasters Toasted Coconut Almond Butter

This addictive spread from North Carolina’s Big Spoon Roasters is made from fresh-roasted heirloom Mission variety almonds, crispy toasted coconut flakes, raw organic coconut crystals and hand-harvested sea salt to create a naturally sweet nut butter reminiscent of homemade coconut macaroons.

House Citronette

Light and bright with fresh-squeezed lemon, orange and grapefruit juices, this housemade vinaigrette is as lovely drizzled over roasted vegetables or sautéed greens as it is on salad greens.

Seasonal Organic Greens

What a beautiful bounty of greens this week: Braising mix, pea and sunflower shoots, arugula , Claytonia and Rosabella radicchio.

Seasonal Organic Fruits & Vegetables

This week’s produce selection also includes red beets, Mokum carrots, black Spanish radishes, shallots, parsnips, yellow onions, broccolini, leeks and Honey Gold Potatoes, plus lemons, Cara Cara oranges and a medley of apples.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Garlic, thyme and Italian parsley from the walled garden and hoophouse at Bella Luna Farms.

Dick Taylor Brown Butter Chocolate Bar
with Nibs & Sea Salt

Crafted ‘bean-to-bar’ in their small, Northern California workshop, this delightful treat combines the brand’s 73% Northerner Blend chocolate with browned butter from Rumiano Family creamery, crunchy roasted cacao nibs and delicate sea salt.

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