What’s In the Box? February 20-February 26

Though the recent rain is a welcome blessing for upcoming spring crops, it has also amplified our urge to nest and tuck into a home-cooked meal at the end of a wet, wet day. Thus inspired, this week’s box is packed with warm and cozy provisions—from the hearty braised beef ragu and fresh pasta to spiced pumpkin jam and a plethora of fresh winter greens.

Here is the full list of what you’ll find in the box this week:

Braised Beef & Roasted Vegetable Ragu

This red wine-based ragu is simmered with tender braised beef, fresh mushrooms, roasted carrots and parsnips. Hearty and extremely satisfying, serve atop fresh pasta for a stunning main course.

Fresh Egg Pappardelle Pasta

Fresh handmade pasta from our favorite local pasta maker. Served with this week’s ragu, these broad, flat noodles rightly earn their name, which is derived from the Italian verb for ‘gobble up’.

Italian Country White Loaf

Baked for us at a small bakery in Snohomish, this chewy, country-style loaf is delicious toasted and served with a side of premium extra-virgin olive oil and a drizzle of our Italian vinaigrette for dipping.

Bergevin Lane Vineyards 2010 Calico Red

Powerful and complex, this Washington red from Walla Walla’s Bergevin Lane contains hints of cedar and spice, as well as powdered cocoa, lending to broad strokes of dark chocolate and blackberry on the palette. With a supple texture and silky finish, it is a crowd-pleaser.

Reserve Edition Tomme Cheese

A special favorite on the farm, this Tomme cheese mixes silky cream into the traditional Alpine-style recipe made in our in-house creamery with Jersey cow’s milk. With an ultra-creamy texture and sublime mouthfeel, it is wonderful grated over this week’s pasta.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our small flock of heritage breed laying hens gives us fresh eggs in beautiful shades of brown and green.

Italian Vinaigrette

Crafted with fresh herbs and plenty of garlic, this red wine-balsamic and roasted red pepper blend is a great compliment to toasted bread or a protein-rich kale salad.

Spiced Pumpkin Pecan Jam

Start your day off right with a rustic homemade spread made from pumpkin, currants and pecans and infused with sage, clove, nutmeg and allspice—just spread on top of a toasted piece of the included white country loaf or your favorite hearty bread.

Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables

This week’s selection includes cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, acorn squash and Seckel pears.

Organic Winter Greens

Red Russian Kale and spicy mesclun salad greens.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Fresh thyme, parsley, oregano, sage, garlic and shallots from the Walled Garden at Bella Luna Farms.

Marinated Mushrooms

Marinated with garlic and roasted peppers in balsamic vinegar, red wine, and extra virgin olive oil, these tender crimini mushrooms are a delicious antipasto treat! Serve with cheese, salami, and crackers or enjoy them as is.

Rosemary Topiary

A beautiful addition to your sunny kitchen windowsill!

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