What’s In The Box? February 6-12

Cozy Up
February continues to chill the bones, so warm yourself body and soul this week with a pasta night starring locally-crafted bucatini pasta kissed with earthy Shiitake mushrooms and homegrown Swiss chard, as well as our signature garlic confit and Grana-style cheese. Also included in this cozy and comforting box: Fresh Challah bread, seasonal favorites such as Seckel pears and Cara Cara oranges, and two snacks fit for Oscar night—certified-organic black popcorn and chocolate-coated almonds.

Here’s what you’ll find in your box this week:

Fresh Bucatini Pasta

Hand-crafted in nearby Bellingham, this spaghetti-like semolina pasta has a hole running through the center—hence the name bucatini, which comes from the Italian buco, meaning “hole”, while bucato means “pierced”.

Garlic Confit

Sweet and mellow, yet bursting with flavor, our housemade confit is made with farm-fresh garlic and top-quality olive oil—it’s wonderful spooned over scrambled eggs or stirred into this week’s pasta!

Challah Bread

Baked just for us by our favorite bakery in Snohomish, this cylindrical loaf boasts a sweet, rich flavor, thanks to a traditional base of silky eggs, Shepherd’s Grain flour and a touch of sugar.

Black Dakota Popcorn

These unique black-hued kernels from Everson, Washington’s own Slanted Sun Farm are certified organic and pop up light and nutty—the perfect snack for Oscar night on Sunday!

Dick Taylor Chocolate Coated Almonds

This delicious treat is made from delicately-roasted organic California almonds dipped in the signature dark chocolate crafted from the bean in Dick Taylor’s small, Northern California workshop.

Maryhill Rose of Sangiovese

This pale pink colored wine offers appealing aromas of watermelon and cherry. It drinks off dry with mouthwatering cherry flavors.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our new flock of heritage breed laying hens are on an early-to-bed, later-to-rise schedule with the short daylight hours. As they spend more time snug in their coop, the “girls” are enjoying an extra helping of “scratch” (mixed grains and ground oyster shell) to supplement their diet, continuing to give us fresh eggs in beautiful shades of brown, beige and cream.

Grana-Style Cheese

This hard Grana-style cheese is crafted from part-skim cow’s milk to allow for longer aging of 24 months or more. Ideal for grating over pasta, the drum-shaped cheese is turned and rubbed with olive oil during aging to create a smooth, golden rind.

Farm & Larder Chicken Stock

Made from roasted Bella Luna chickens, our signature stock is simmered slowly for hours with carrots, onions and celery and seasoned with a dash of sea salt.

Fresh Seasonal Fruit

Seckel pears, Cara Cara oranges and Meyer lemons.

Seasonal Organic Greens

Red Swiss chard, peppery arugula greens and Treviso radicchio.

Seasonal Organic Vegetables

This week’s produce selection includes Shiitake mushrooms, orange carrots, baby red potatoes, Acorn squash and leeks.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Thyme, garlic and basil microgreens from the walled garden and greenhouse at Bella Luna Farms.

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