What’s In The Box? July 22 – July 28

No matter how you pronounce it, the word ‘tomato’ practically sings of summer, as well it should as these vine-ripened beauties are now hitting their strides here as we reach late July. This week’s box pays homage to the ripe, juicy tomato with the first of the heirloom varieties and a bevy of complementary ingredients like fresh Pomodoro bread, imported macaroni pasta, chicken and quail eggs and summery basil, plus other seasonal produce like cucumbers, fennel and fava beans, plus ripe apricots. So, uncork a bottle of wine, peruse a few recipes and enjoy these bright and beautiful summer favorites to the fullest.

Here’s what you’ll find in your box this week:

Heirloom Tomatoes!

One of the true hallmarks of midsummer here in the Northwest, the juicy, sweet and incredibly luscious heirloom tomatoes have arrived. (And we’ve got plenty of recipe ideas for you on how to best enjoy these summer favorites this week!)

Rustichella D’Abruzzo Macaroni

This imported pasta from Italy pairs beautifully with an array of summer produce.

Pomodoro Loaf

Flecked with flavorful sun-dried tomatoes and herbs, plus a hint of sea salt, this savory loaf is baked just for us by our favorite bakery in Snohomish.

Saviah Cellars ‘The Jack’ Sauvignon Blanc 2019

A refreshing blend fermented primarily in stainless steel barrels to preserve its lively edge, this delicious wine from the Columbia Valley offers beautiful aromatics and flavors that consist of mandarin, pink grapefruit, melon, passion fruit and orange blossoms.

Quail Eggs

Considered a delicacy in many parts of the world, the quail egg packs a beautifully rich flavor inside its tiny speckled brown and tan shell. Wonderful poached, pickled or even fried sunny side up, these petite beauties from Oak Meadows Farm are particularly stunning served deviled—see this week’s recipes for ideas.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Busy scratching through the straw mulch in their spacious outdoor run looking for tasty bugs and worms, our heritage breed laying hens supply us with fresh eggs in beautiful shades of cream, beige and brown.

Summer Apricots

Gorgeous ripe apricots.

Seasonal Organic Greens

Sweet pea shoots and frisée.

Seasonal Organic Vegetables

This week’s produce selection also includes Walla Walla sweet onions, cucumber, red beets, Red Thumb potatoes, fennel, and fava beans, plus negi, a beautiful Japanese long onion.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Rosemary, thyme, oregano and basil from the walled garden and greenhouse at Bella Luna Farms.

Floral Bouquet

A beautiful bunch of summer blooms for you to enjoy!

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