What’s In The Box? July 3-9

Happy 4th of July
Celebrate America’s independence with a feast fit for grilling and chilling with family and friends. Fire up the barbecue, season your favorite protein or veggies with our smoky sweet house-blend rub and set out the smorgasbord of fresh, seasonal sides found in this week’s box—from a crunchy turnip and radish slaw with sesame vinaigrette and roasted fingerling potato salad to our housemade cornbread topped with honey butter made from Bella Luna Farms honey.

Here’s what you’ll find in your box:

Tokyo Market Turnip & Shunkyo Radish Slaw

A fresh update on classic American coleslaw, this housemade side has plenty of crunch, crafted with gorgeous seasonal turnips and radishes, plus carrots and scallions, all tossed in a sesame vinaigrette.

Roasted Fingerling Potato Salad

A great accompaniment to any barbeque dinner, this fresh and light potato salad is made with buttery, roasted fingerling potatoes dressed in capers, chopped celery, sweet Walla Walla onions and a plethora of flavorful herbs.

House-Blend Dry Grill Rub

Get grilling! Made with a mixture of savory-sweet spices including brown sugar, paprika and smoked sea salt, our house-blend rub is excellent on chicken, beef, or even grilled veggies.

Casina Rossa Stuffed Hot Chili Peppers

Imported from Italy, these family-grown cherry peppers are stuffed with garden vegetables as well as olives, anchovy, capers and herbs to create a spicy, rich snack. A delicious accent to grilled steak or a juicy burger, they are also excellent in an antipasto platter.

Piranske Soline Spelt Pretzels

These large pretzels have been carefully made using whole-wheat spelt flour from controlled biological production and sea salt from the Piran salt pans, which is panned using a centuries-old method. Try these crunchy treats dipped in pecan peanut butter!

Big Spoon Roasters Peanut Pecan Butter

The quintessential Southern nut butter, this spread from North Carolina’s Big Spoon Roasters combines the rich, buttery sweetness of roasted pecans with peanuts slow-roasted to a deep amber. Hints of sea salt and wildflower honey round out the addictive flavor.

Housemade Cornbread Mix

This mix produces an old-fashioned style cornbread with the natural sweetness of corn. Bake in a preheated cast-iron skillet—delicious with honey butter.

Honey Butter

Made from golden wildflower honey from Bella Luna Farms and organic sweet butter.

Pain au Levain Loaf

This slightly-nutty, slightly-sweet sourdough loaf embodies country-style French baking with a chewy crust and light, airy interior. Baked just for us at a small bakery in Snohomish, this traditional Pain au Levain is crafted using the bakery’s own sourdough starter, the pre-ferment culture made from flour and water. (Fun fact: Sourdough starters are often passed down through the generations and can last for over 100 years!)

Chateau Argadens Blanc Bordeaux

Selected by sommelier Yashar Shayan of Impulse Wine, the Chateau Argadens Blanc is a traditional Bordeaux white of 65% Sauvignon Blanc and 35% Semillon. The two sets of grapes are harvested and fermented individually, with the Semillon juice being pressed immediately, while the Sauv Blanc grapes are crushed and the juices allowed to soak on the skins for a short period of time. This allows for the extraction of some phenolic content from the skins, giving the finished wine a richer mouthfeel. After a few days, the juice is separated from the skins and placed into 30% new French oak barrels to begin fermentation, during which the lees are stirred multiple times each week to make for a wine with greater texture.

A really underappreciated wine, white Bordeaux is the kind of wine that pairs with most foods and pleases all palates, while presenting exceptional value. The Sauvignon Blanc provides freshness with notes of green apples and lemons with a backbone of crisp acidity, while the Semillon brings richer flavors of bosque pears, a slight almond nuttiness, and hints of honey. The Argadens Blanc is light, minerally, and refreshing, perfect for sunny weather with oysters and other seafood.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our small flock of heritage breed laying hens gives us fresh eggs in beautiful shades of brown and green. With the arrival of longer and warmer days, the “girls” spend their time enjoying the sunshine, chasing bugs, and eating all of the tasty, rich greens we pull from the garden. As a result, you’ll enjoy bright yellow egg yolks during the summer months!

Jersey Tomme Cheese

Made in our in-house creamery, this Alpine-style cheese is crafted with raw whole milk and extra cream from pasture-fed Jersey cows from the Dungeness Valley, then aged in our cave for five months, lending to a delightful, rich taste.

Seasonal Organic Fruits & Vegetables

This week’s produce selection includes fresh raspberries, English shelling peas, baby cabbage, broccolini, scallions and Local Roots Farm’s red radishes.

Seasonal Organic Greens

Little Gem baby romaine lettuce, spicy purple mustard greens and Speckled Amish lettuce from Local Roots Farm.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Fresh Mojito mint from Local Roots Farm, plus shallots, garlic, variegated thyme and parsley from the Walled Garden at Bella Luna Farms.

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