What’s In The Box? July 30-August 5


Summer Splendor
Peaches! Blueberries! Tomatoes! These treasured summer favorites are ripening in abundance as we reach August and this box celebrates them in all their glory with Washington-grown beauties from Snohomish, the Skagit Valley, Selah and more. Pain au Levain bread, locally-crafted sheep’s milk feta cheese, and a raspberry-kissed chocolate bar help accent a light and bright lineup that also includes heirloom and Sungold cherry tomatoes, English cucumbers and Little Gem lettuces; so slice up a peach, thumb through the recipes and enjoy these summer gems to the fullest.

Here’s what you’ll find in your box:

Ripe Summer Fruit

It’s summer eating at its finest this week, with beautiful freestone peaches from Collins Family Orchards located in Selah, Washington, and plump blueberries grown in the Skagit Valley by Bow Hill Blueberries.

Harmony Fields Sheep’s Milk Feta

This sirene-style white brine cheese from Bow’s Harmony Fields is made from 100-percent sheep’s milk. Similar to Greek feta with a tart, lemony finish, it has a creamier texture than most feta, with a touch of saltiness that pairs perfectly with salads, pastas and crostini.

Pain au Levain Bread

This slightly-nutty, slightly-sweet sourdough loaf embodies country-style French baking with a chewy crust and light, airy interior. Baked just for us at a small bakery in Snohomish, this traditional Pain au Levain is crafted using the bakery’s own sourdough starter.

Côté Mas Rosé Aurore Sud de France

Aromatic with cherry, strawberry and floral aromas evolving toward soft candied fruit notes, this refreshing French Rosé is crafted from a combination of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah grapes. The palate is rich and smooth with ripe red fruits and a well-balanced acidity, making it a lovely aperitif or pairing for summery produce and salads.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Busy scratching through the straw mulch in their spacious outdoor run looking for tasty bugs and worms, our heritage breed laying hens supply us with fresh eggs in beautiful shades of brown, beige and cream.

Seasonal Organic Greens

Peppery arugula greens and Little Gem lettuce.

Seasonal Organic Vegetables

This week’s produce selection also includes heirloom tomatoes, Sungold tomatoes, English cucumbers, cauliflower, mixed summer squash, Chioggia beets, Piracicaba sprouting broccoli and purple carrots.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Basil, oregano, mint and Italian parsley from the walled garden and greenhouse at Bella Luna Farms.

Dick Taylor Vanilla Raspberry Chocolate Bar

Made ‘bean-to-bar’ in Dick Taylor’s small Northern California factory, this dark chocolate bar is kissed with a mix of organic, freeze-dried raspberries and organic vanilla-coconut palm sugar.

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