What’s In The Box? March 31 – April 6

Spring in Abundance
All signs point to spring—budding trees in the orchard, tulips blooming in the fields and the arrival of fresh garden greens such as dandelion, kale rapini and arugula. Spring fare takes center stage in this week’s basket, too, with a fresh multigrain loaf and rich sheep’s milk yogurt and feta cheese to help accent a bevy of carrots, leeks, radishes and red spring onions. Crack open a bottle of Spanish red wine, whisk up some salad dressing and pop a fresh rhubarb crisp in the oven, then enjoy all that the season has to offer!

Here’s what you’ll find in your box this week:

Housemade Chicken Stock

Made from roasted Bella Luna chickens, our housemade stock is simmered with carrots, onions, parsley and celery and seasoned with just a dash of sea salt.

Fresh Multigrain Bread

Crafted in downtown Snohomish by our favorite local bakery, this round loaf is made with Shepherd’s Grain flour and 7 different whole grains, plus a hint of honey and toasted sunflower seeds.

Bodegas La Cartuna Priorat

Made from organic, estate-grown fruit aged just 6 months in oak barrels, this Spanish wine is meant to be enjoyed young and boasts a highly perfumed bouquet of fresh flowers and dark berries. The smooth, silky finish helps this wine pair nicely with a crisp spring salad and protein hot off the grill.

Sheep’s Milk Yogurt

Sweeter than goat’s milk and richer than cow’s, this sheep’s milk yogurt from Ring of Trees Farm beautifully accents crisp spring greens and produce—this week, try the luscious yogurt drizzled over braised carrots with fresh mint, or whisked into a fresh and light salad dressing; see recipes for details.

Feta Cheese

Creamy with just the right amount of bite, this decadent feta is crafted from whole goat and sheep’s milk. Crumble this soft cheese over salads or over rosemary-baked potatoes (see this week’s recipes for more info!).

Farm Fresh Eggs

As they spend their time pecking and strutting around their open-air enclosure on sunny afternoons, our heritage breed laying hens also enjoy the tasty green popweed we pull from the garden, in turn supplying us with eggs in shades of brown, blue and green with bright yellow yolks.

Almond-Cherry Fruit Crisp Topping

Wonderful paired with this week’s spring rhubarb, our signature fruit crisp topping is crafted from organic cane sugar, ground almonds, sweet butter, and dried cherries.

Spring Rhubarb

The first of the spring rhubarb!

Seasonal Organic Fruits & Vegetables

This week’s produce selection includes leeks, Nantes carrots, red radishes, red spring onions, fennel, red kale rapini and baby red potatoes.

Seasonal Organic Greens

Enjoy an abundance of spring greens this week—peppery arugula and spicy red-ribbed dandelion greens.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Parsley, mint, rosemary, shallots, dill and garlic from the Walled Garden at Bella Luna and Bright Ide Acres.

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