What’s In The Box? May 12-18

Gifts from the Garden
Our April showers seemed to have been followed by even more May showers, but despite the unseasonably cold weather, the garden is providing a colorful pick-me-up for this week’s delivery. Including lilac-hued chive blossoms, ruby-red rhubarb, and verdant rapini, leeks and arugula, in addition to radishes, asparagus and baby potatoes, the spring-fresh box also features egg grattini, Andouille sausage, chicken stock, farm-fresh eggs, and green garlic. Enjoy!

Here’s what you’ll find in your box this week:

Skagit River Ranch Andouille Sausage

This pig has some kick: spiced with fresh-cracked pepper, hot paprika and cayenne pepper, this flavorful sausage from our friends at the Skagit River Ranch in Sedro-Woolley is crafted from their famous all-natural pork. These pampered pigs roam outdoors in certified-organic pasture land to root and dig, thriving on a diet of flax seed, corn and wheat.

Egg Grattini

These small grains of egg pasta are incredibly versatile, adding a homey and hearty touch to pretty much any broth-based soup. We especially love it served with our flavorful chicken stock, some fresh garden greens, and a drizzle of top-quality olive oil on a chillier-than-usual spring day!

Chive Blossoms

This week, enjoy one of our favorite spring ingredients: Lilac-hued chive blossoms. These beautiful flowers are especially versatile—incorporate them into a bright vinegar for dressings, toss into a salad as a finishing touch, or add them into a dish of scalloped potatoes.

Gruyère Cheese Bread

Made in nearby Snohomish by our favorite bakery, this freshly-baked loaf balances rich Gruyère cheese with a light, crisp crust.

Barnard Griffin 2020 Chardonnay

This Columbia Valley Chardonnay greets the palate with a burst of ripe fruit flavors, infused with orange and apple notes, hints of ginger and honey, and rich vanilla aromatics.

Farm Fresh Eggs

As they spend more time outdoors in their run, our small flock of heritage breed laying hens are enjoying succulent popweed pulled from the gardens along with an extra helping of grain to supplement their diet, continuing to give us fresh eggs in beautiful shades of brown, beige and cream.

Farm & Larder Chicken Stock

Made from roasted Bella Luna chickens, this flavorful stock is simmered slowly for hours with carrots, onions and celery and seasoned with a dash of sea salt.

Fresh Organic Greens

Fresh Butter lettuce, gorgeous frisée and peppery arugula greens.

Seasonal Organic Fruit & Vegetables

This week’s produce selection also includes asparagus, rapini, red radish, leeks and huckleberry gold potatoes, plus Granny Smith apples, Meyer lemons and spring rhubarb.

Fresh Garden Herbs

This week’s herb selection also includes green garlic, cilantro microgreens and Italian parsley from the garden at Bella Luna Farms.

Three Bluebird Swedish Dishcloth

Use it in place of a sponge, use it instead of paper towels: You’ll love this whimsical, reusable and recyclable cloth made from a blend of cotton and other fibers.

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