What’s In The Box? October 20-26

This year’s exceedingly pleasant October weather sure has kept the fresh produce coming in apace: This week’s lineup includes another beautiful batch of greens, everything from hearty radicchio to tender lettuces, as well as such highlights as yellow peaches, pluots, eggplant, Tropea onions, broccolini and an assortment of peppers both spicy and sweet. Enjoy this fall bounty alongside Gruyère cheese bread, a festive nut and olive mix, rose jelly from France, farm-fresh eggs and a sweet bouquet of seasonal blooms.

Here’s what you’ll find in your box this week:

Peaches & Pluots

Lovely yellow peaches and Flavor Heart pluots, an aptly named variety that features a dark ruby to jet-black skin, delicious yellow flesh and a very pronounced heart-like shape.


Spice up your week with this trio of peppers. The selection includes Jimmy Nardello, sweet French and peach habanero peppers, the latter of which range from 100,000 to 350,000 on the Scoville heat scale, or about 70 times hotter than an average jalapeño. Like other habanero varieties, this spicy favorite has a slight fruity flavor, which makes it very popular in hot sauces, salsas, and powders.

Gruyère Cheese Bread

Made in nearby Snohomish by our favorite bakery, this freshly-baked loaf balances rich Gruyère cheese with a light, crisp crust. Absolutely delicious toasted or re-warmed in the oven—just sprinkle with a few drops of water and bake at 350° for about 15 minutes.

Barnard Griffin 2020 Chardonnay

This Columbia Valley Chardonnay greets the palate with a burst of ripe fruit flavors, infused with orange and apple notes, hints of ginger and honey, and rich vanilla aromatics.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our small flock of heritage breed laying hens gives us fresh eggs in beautiful shades of brown and green. With theshorter days, the girls are up with the sun to roam the outdoors where they still enjoy the warm afternoons. Bedtime is coming much earlier now, as we see them heading into their house to roost as the sun is going down.

Maison Roucadil Mélange Macarel

This festive mix is perfect for snacking, containing an irresistible combination of almonds, dried black olives and pumpkin seeds tossed with Espelette pepper, sea salt and paprika.

Maison Francis Miot Gelée de Rose

This delicate jelly imported from France captures the subtle and intoxicating scent of rose, crafted from rose petals that are hand-picked in the early morning to preserve their fragile beauty.

Seasonal Organic Greens

A beautiful bevy of fall greens: Fall salad mix, red veined sorrel microgreens, Castelfranco radicchio, Chioggia radicchio and mixed mini lettuces.

Seasonal Organic Vegetables

This week’s produce selection also includes Ophelia eggplant, Jimmy Nardello peppers, broccolini, heirloom tomatoes and Tropea onions, plus Bell and sweet French peppers.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Fragrant garlic, Italian parsley and thyme from the walled garden at Bella Luna Farms.

Mini Bouquets

A sweet sampling of seasonal blooms.

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