What’s In The Box? October 22-28

Risotto Night
Much like the autumn leaves bursting into brilliant shades of orange, yellow and scarlet all around us, our gardens are gracing us with a bounty of vibrant, colorful produce, from bright, crisp-tart apples and spicy, peppery greens to orange-fleshed Robin’s Koginut squash and rainbow-hued Watermelon radish. Celebrate the best of the season this week with a warm-and-wonderful risotto made with our flavorful chicken stock and hand-crafted white Chanterelle mushroom ragout, plus Gruyère cheese bread, farm-fresh eggs and a robust red wine—pour a glass, ladle piping-hot risotto into a bowl and head for your favorite easy chair.

Here’s what you’ll find in your box this week:

Arborio Rice

This round-grain rice comes from the Po River Valley region of Italy and is named for the town of Arborio located in the heart of the area. When cooked with our flavorful chicken stock and a splash of white wine, it becomes creamy and starchy and is a great accompaniment to any flavor combination, especially our flavorful white Chanterelle mushroom ragout.

White Chanterelle Mushroom Ragout

Hand-crafted in our farmhouse kitchen, our signature ragout is full of warm, earthy and soulful flavors! Slow-simmered with fresh garden herbs, onions, chicken stock and truly-beautiful, locally-foraged white Chanterelle mushrooms, this stew-like sauce is incredible mixed into this week’s risotto, as well as served over pasta or polenta.

Gruyère Cheese Bread

Made in nearby Snohomish by our favorite bakery, this freshly-baked loaf balances sweet, nutty Gruyère cheese with a light, crisp crust. Absolutely delicious toasted or re-warmed in the oven—just sprinkle with a few drops of water and bake at 350° for about 15 minutes.

Selected by Kermit Lynch Côtes du Rhône 2016

Hand-selected by respected wine merchant Kermit Lynch, this French red blends Grenache, Syrah, Carignan, Cinsault and Mourvèdre grapes shows great aromatic typicity in the form of sun-kissed blackberry, black olive and plenty of spicy garrigue herbs like rosemary and thyme.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Our small flock of heritage breed laying hens gives us fresh eggs in beautiful shades of brown, beige and cream. The “girls” are enjoying the crisp mornings and pleasant afternoons of the fall season, chasing bugs and eating tasty green weeds we pull from the garden.

F&L Chicken Stock

Made from roasted Bella Luna chickens, this flavorful stock is simmered slowly for hours with carrots, onions and celery and seasoned with a dash of sea salt.

Orchard Fruit

Hardy kiwi from Cloud Mountain Farm and giant Fredonia grapes.

Seasonal Organic Greens

Peppery arugula greens, white radicchio, Little Gem mini Romaine lettuce and Lacinato kale.

Robin’s Koginut Winter Squash

Smooth and silky like Kabocha squash with the rich, sweet flavor of a Butternut, this new hybrid squash is the brainchild of Chef Dan Barber and seed breeder Michael Mazourek’s new venture, Row 7, a startup that selectively breeds a variety of vegetables to maximize factors like yield, shelf stability, and, of course, flavor.

Seasonal Organic Vegetables

This week’s produce selection also includes Watermelon radish, bok choy, Hakurei turnips, Jimmy Nardello peppers, leeks and Piracicaba sprouting broccoli.

Fresh Garden Herbs

Garlic, parsley and thyme from the walled garden and hoophouse at Bella Luna Farms.

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