Farm & Garden Notes: Hello, August!


Ah, August: The glorious month when summer produce ripens in chorus, from colorful squashes and corn to juicy tomatoes. The gardens at Bella Luna are currently overflowing with fresh fare—we harvest fresh berries each morning, gather beautiful herbs and vegetables for the weekly box, and often visit the ‘South 30’ to check on our blueberry crop.

Located in Fall City, this 30-acre plot is nestled just across the road from the Snoqualmie River with a view of Mount Si. A portion of the property sits along the slough, providing a natural habitat for native herons, mink, deer and elk, waterfowl and even the occasional bear. Our unique location in the floodplain has also created amazing, silty clay soil over the years that is ideal for farming.

In addition to ornamental trees and shrubs, the South 30 is home to over 1,000 blueberry bushes, as well as a small orchard of apple, pear and plum trees. The blueberries were planted three years ago in both Rubel and Aurora varieties and we are eagerly (and perhaps a little impatiently) awaiting the first crop in the coming weeks.

We hope to give you a taste soon in your weekly box; in the meantime, we are enjoying the sunny drive to and fro to check on these blue beauties!

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