Hi, August! The Latest News and Notes from Farm & Larder and Bella Luna Farms

As we head into the dog days of August, the heat-loving crops are starting to ripen more each day, and the animals continue to seek the afternoon shade to stay cool—during the heat of the afternoons, the laying hens are often burrowed down into the cool dirt of their enclosure and the “girls” can be spotted lounging under the canopy of trees in their pasture.

As much as the sun-ripened peppers and tomatoes are loving the sunshine, other more tender crops, such as the lettuces and celery, are now needing a good drink of water each day so that they continue to thrive. New green beans are coming on, and our fruit crops are proving bountiful this year, from the big, juicy blueberries, raspberries and blackberries to colorful Italian and yellow plums.

Things are certainly quieter around here without the usual summer weddings and events, but we’re using the extra time during the lingering evenings and weekends to work in the newly-expanded, one acre cut-flower garden tucked next to our orchard and hoophouse where over 1,200 dahlias and other much-loved perennials should be blooming soon – stay tuned!

We hope you are also enjoying the many blessings of this sunny season, and that you and yours continue to stay safe and well.

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