Italian Winter Feast Recipes

soup-on-stoveThe return of frosty temperatures has only increased our craving for a warm and cozy, yet fresh and flavorful, homemade meal. This week’s box delivers on both fronts with a vegetable-rich supper inspired by Italian country cooking—from the handmade kale pasta and herb-roasted winter squash to our housemade ricottone cheese and Marsala-poached pears.

Here are a few of our recipe ideas for this week:

Roasted Parsnips with Rosemary
In this side dish from Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food, the inherent earthy flavor of versatile parsnips is further enhanced by fresh, fragrant rosemary.

Herb-Roasted Winter Squash
We turn to this simple method time and time again—the combination of sage, thyme and garlic infuses any variety of squash with a rich, wonderful flavor.

Sautéed Broccoli Rabe
A variety of broccoli with long, thin leafy stalks, this hearty Italian green (also known as rapini) shines in an easy preparation from Gourmet magazine.

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