Purple Carrot-Cabbage Slaw with Cilantro

This light, fresh slaw adds great flavor and texture to this week’s fish tacos.

½-1 head green cabbage, cored and very thinly sliced
2-3 purple carrots, coarsely grated
1 Jalapeño pepper, seeded and finely diced
¾ cup freshly-chopped cilantro
½ cup sour cream or crème fraîche
Juice from 2 limes
Fresh ground pepper and salt to taste

1. In a small bowl, whisk together the sour cream or crème fraîche with the lime juice. Season to taste with fresh ground pepper.

2. In a separate bowl, combine cabbage, Jalapeño pepper, carrots and cilantro. Drizzle with dressing, tossing to coat. Season with more pepper as desired and salt to taste.

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