Spring into Summer Recipes


This week’s box pays homage to the best spring ingredients—English shelling peas, foraged mushrooms, tart rhubarb—while looking forward to summer with the first of the local strawberries. Have fun experimenting in the kitchen with all the provisions for a rich, flavorful spring risotto topped with gorgeous morel mushrooms and our reserve Vecchio cheese, plus pain levain bread, a hearty Bordeaux wine and fruit crisp to finish.

Here are a few recipe ideas for this week:

Purple Cauliflower with Golden Raisins & Almonds
This beautiful side from Martha Stewart is topped with a delightful combination of juicy raisins, crunchy almonds and sherry vinegar.

Risotto with Spring Peas & Morel Mushrooms
This recipe is a favorite here at the farm. Creamy and delicious, it pairs well with steak, chicken, pork or can stand well on its own as the star of your meal—just remember to stir!

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