Summering in France Recipes

Beautiful, classic and colorful, Niçoise Salad is the hallmark of summer in France, layered with fresh, crisp produce, creamy hard-boiled eggs and briny accents like black olives and protein-rich tuna. This week’s box celebrates this summer staple with local and imported ingredients to create your own version, plus a crisp baguette, delicious Bella Cerise apricots, and a light Rosé from Provence.

Here are a few recipe ideas for this week:

Salade Niçoise
A classic version from the esteemed Julia Child, this colorful salad can be customized to your liking!

Grilled Glazed Carrots
Brushed with a sweet-tart glaze, these grilled carrots are also infused with a smoky grilled flavor.

Radish & Escarole Salad
This crunchy side is enhanced by a rich, briny vinaigrette comprised of salty anchovies.

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