Winter Warmth Recipes


As the cold continues to prevail outdoors, the kitchen often provides the warmest, coziest way to combat the winter chill. Thus, this week’s box stars a bevy of seasonal ingredients to help get things cooking—from imported Corona beans to pan-fry and top with bright kale-lemon pesto to a plethora of vegetables like winter squash, Bolero carrots and leeks, plus our housemade chicken stock, to incorporate into rich, hearty soup. Also included: A crisp Italian wine, garlic fougasse bread and our own signature apple crisp topping to help bake a warm, fragrant tart for dessert.

Here are a few recipe ideas for the week:

Scorzonera Fritters
These delightful, Italian-style fritters make a wonderful appetizer, or just serve alongside a green salad for a full meal.

How-To: Cook Dried Corona Beans
A quick, how-to guide to prepping this week’s gorgeous oversized beans.

Fried Corona Beans with Kale-Lemon Pesto
Pan-fried and then tossed with a bright kale-lemon pesto, these crispy beans are incredibly satisfying.

Italian Vegetable Soup
A deeply flavorful soup, thanks to the addition of fresh herbs, Corona beans and our housemade chicken stock.

Apple Crisp
A quick and easy dessert using fresh apples: Simply toss with cornstarch and sugar, then sprinkle with the topping from this week’s box.

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