Tastes Like Summer Recipes

It’s officially summer, which means sun-soaked days, leisurely evenings and produce-packed meals on the patio. Fittingly, this week we’ve captured the tastes of early summer, from fresh jam made from locally-grown strawberries and a housemade pasta salad kissed with lemony bergamot to flaky smoked salmon caught by West Seattle’s own Loki Fish Company. Pair these with crisp shaved fennel, tangy rye bread and our mixed vegetable giardiniera, then sit back and enjoy the refreshing flavors of the season.

Here are a few recipe ideas for this week:

Smoked Salmon with Shaved Fennel
Seasoned with bright lemon and dill, this shaved fennel dish beautifully balances tender smoked salmon.

Herbed Turnip & Beet Chips
Substitute these crispy, herb-coated vegetables for potato chips at your next barbecue!

Grilled Scallions with Lemon & Thyme
Topped with olives, this recipes elevates green onions from garnish to a stunning side dish.

Grilled Cherry Salsa
This flavorful condiment is excellent on top of pork tenderloin, or served with grilled bread and your favorite soft cheese.

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